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Get scheduling, time clocks, and payroll integrations on one powerful platform. Nowsta streamlines staff management and can save you hundreds of man hours per year. 

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Customers agree: Nowsta is a game changer

Thanks to Nowsta’s mobile apps and text messaging, staff response times have dropped dramatically and we almost never have to follow up with unresponsive staff.

MJ Potter, Director of Operations
Catering Creations

On StaffMate, it took about three days to schedule staff for a typical event. We'd have to wait for them to check their emails and reply. With Nowsta's mobile app, it takes about one day, and we hear back from most staff within a few hours.

Megan Stewart, Director of Hospitality
Footers Catering & Events

With Nowsta's automated time and attendance system, we've been able to cut out 10 hours per week in unnecessary work. I could not recommend it more.

Jon Peters, Vice President
David Ellis Events

Nowsta's electronic time and attendance has vastly reduced the time it takes for us to run payroll while eliminating the errors that occurred when we used paper timesheets.

Scoop Massott, Chief Operating Officer
The JDK Group

Even if Nowsta wasn't saving me so much time, the amount of stress it's removed would be worth it. It's been a game changer for our staffing efforts.

Matt Phelan, Founder & President
Simply Fresh Events

Our core team has really embraced Nowsta. Staffing used to be confusing because we had to keep track of employee availability and communications manually. Now, we’re able to do it everything much faster. I’m Nowsta’s biggest fan.

Kyle Olson, Staffing Manager
Peter Callahan Catering

Having scheduling, time tracking, and payroll under one system has been a game changer for Continental. 

Hannah Bailey, Staffing Strategist
Continental Services

I can’t emphasize enough how easy and user-friendly Nowsta is. Everyone on our team understands exactly what they have to do.

Lynn Schwartzberg, General Manager
One World Catering

Everything you need to schedule, track, and pay.


Schedule the right staff fast

Filter staff to find the perfect person for each shift, send a work request right to their phone, and watch them accept instantly. See conflicts and overtime warnings as you schedule. 


Track hours with confidence

Staff can clock in from their phones with one tap. Nowsta logs the location of each punch to so you only pay for time they're on site. Tablet time clock with photo verification also available.


Streamline payroll

Get warned when staff are late, early, or don't show up. Approve hours quickly and export time & attendance data straight into your payroll software. We integrate with providers like ADP, Quickbooks, and more so you can run payroll without the data entry.

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